Meet Shillit App and the new $SHILL token Ultimate Platform to Find Your Next Crypto Gem

We are a growing community of token vetters whose job is to investigate the ether for the next 100x or 1000x gems. We catalog and order hundreds of tokens coming from different blockchains.

We are here to protect, expand, sustain and support:

We audit the contract, we ask for KYC, we interview the token teams and dox them, we find every detail about the entire project and evaluate if it is feasible and sustainable in the long run.

We PROTECT our community of “Shillers”, which is the core of our commitment, by warning them about potential honey-pots or rug pulls.

We help you EXPAND capital and investing capacity day after day, revealing to you top-notch Gems professionally checked which are probably going to the moon and beyond.

We SUSTAIN our community profits with trading signals, based on both technical analysis and fundamentals.

We also SUPPORT the good projects. The ones whose members allow us to dox the team, the ones willing to do things professionally and being transparent and clear, and the ones with crazy good game changer ideas, by giving them all the credits and all the visibility that we can offer through our community.

We created Shillit: a professional vetting platform to help all crypto enthusiasts make better and confident decisions when finding your next 100x crypto gems.

$SHILL Token

The $SHILL token is used to access premium features on the platform.

The Shill Token is a BEB20 utility token backed by Shillit, a platform that brings order to the chaos.

By allowing people to scroll through hundreds of tokens that are ordered and properly rated, based on the metrics we consider to be a must in the tokens investments, we provide a use friendly experience for the novice and experienced investors.

People, that like you, who want to expand on your capacity of diversification so as to profit in this exploding market economy.

If you have been in crypto long enough you know that there have been many scams in the DeFi space, ran by some shady characters leveraging on the anonymous nature of DeFi.

We at Shillit decided, NO MORE SCAMS! Not on our watch!

Go our website and socials:




The ultimate token vetting platform . Shillit App is the safest way into the DeFi Space.

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The ultimate token vetting platform . Shillit App is the safest way into the DeFi Space.

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